Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Catch-up premium funding is received by the school for students who join us with a Key Stage 2 scaled score of less than 100 for either English Reading or Maths. Funding for catch-up premium is based upon the funding from previous years. As 2019-20 was the first intake of Year 7 at Beaulieu, our figure was estimated centrally. This is how that process works:


“2.2 Allocations to new schools

Schools that have pupils in year 7 and are completely brand new (for example, no predecessor school in the October 2018 school census), or schools that existed according to the October 2018 school census and did not have pupils in year 7 but now have pupils in that group recorded in the October 2019 census, will receive an allocation.

For these schools, allocations have been made by calculating for each local authority the proportion of year 7 pupils on the October 2018 school census that was eligible for the year 7 catch-up in 2018 to 2019. This proportion has been applied to the number of year 7 pupils recorded on the school’s October 2019 census.”


The catch-up premium does not mean an individual entitlement to the funding, rather that the school has the discretion to spend this money to ensure that identified students are able to make the necessary progress.


Expenditure 2019-20

Funding received £14,531

Beaulieu invests all that it can into programmes and interventions that we consider will have the most impact. In combination with other funding streams, e.g. Pupil Premium Grant, many more interventions are provided to identified and broader groups of children than are listed below. Many of these initiatives also work alongside others.

  • Maths Mastery programme contribution = £1,749
  • Hegarty Maths contribution = £1000
  • Accelerated Reader Contribution = £2000
  • Y7 Primary School reading scheme £662
  • Jigsaw programme contribution, Emotional well-being, resilience, value of learning, understanding of careers: £1500
  • Lexia reading solutions package £4,620
  • Laptops for Lexia and Hegarty maths support at home. Targeted and bespoke home learning £3,000




Number Sub 100

Number meeting / exceeding target at end of Y7

English Reading


30 (91%)



29 (93.5%)


Intervention has been very successful, particularly in reading. Students requiring further support have been identified and interventions put in place for the current academic year.