Covid Safety

Our full Risk Assessment can be found in the policies section of the school website. As a snapshot however, here are the measures we have taken to make our school as Covid secure as possible.

  • All adults and children wearing masks in indoor communal areas (not classrooms and not children in primary)
  • All Beaulieu teachers to remain behind the 2m line in each classroom (secondary and in primary wherever possible)
  • All adults to remain 2m from each other
  • LSAs restricted to dedicated bubble (wherever possible)
  • Parents / carers to drop off / pick up children off site (not EYFS)
  • All meetings to be remote if strict social distancing cannot be maintained
  • SLT to always maintain distance from each other to ensure school can operate if one member has to isolate / becomes ill
  • All children split into Year group bubbles
  • Smaller class bubbles in secondary school
  • Identified classrooms for each bubble, not used by any other bubble*
  • Rota lunch - stations disinfected between sittings. Children in secondary, sitting in class bubbles.
  • Dedicated outdoor space for each bubble
  • Minimised visitors onto site
  • Secondary school, directional system
  • Increased cleaning of toilets, door handles and frequently touched surfaces
  • Parents visiting school for consultative evenings suspended in favour of a remote alternative
  • Hand sanitiser stations installed
  • 200+ bottles of disinfectant and cloths, spread amongst all classrooms so that any organised or ad-hoc cleaning can take place
  • Individual Risk Assessments undertaken for more vulnerable children and staff
  • Use of staffroom suspended to minimise chances of transmission between adults
  • Instigated large group teaching spaces as a fall back in case of large scale staff absence
  • Plans in place for longer term remote / rota learning
  • Work ready on website, matched to the curriculum for all children that need to access work from home and at short notice.

*Exceptions: IT, PE, Art, Technology, Science. Cleaning / disinfecting in operation between classes.