House System

Every pupil and staff member at The Beaulieu Park School is assigned a House. The House system is a long standing UK school tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.

The Beaulieu Park School has the very highest aspirations for all of its students. Relentlessly fostering the value of learning and scholarship is at the heart of everything we do. Our belief in our students and the belief they have in themselves is uncompromising. Whatever their background, all of our students believe that a place at University is achievable for them. Some students will choose a different pathway, but they will consider that all options are options for them. We believe that the House System helps to foster those crucial personal qualities and attributes necessary to succeed beyond the classroom.

Our focus on learning can even be found in the names of our Houses which are named after some of the top performing Universities in the country (and indeed the world).

Our Houses are:

                                                    OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, KINGS, IMPERIAL         

Heads of Houses appoint house responsibilities and arrange House activities. They are also responsible for the behaviour, welfare and safety of the students in their House.

Pupils are awarded House Points for academic, co-curricular and pastoral activities in daily school life.  The House points build towards certificates of achievement for individuals and develop self-confidence, personal and team pride, building to House pride. 

At the end of each adademic year, the winning House wins the House cup and a House treat.  The House programme is designed in such a way as to be inclusive and promote opportunities for all the students, recognising all strengths.

House boards show the House symbols, charities, list the House Captains and are updated with achievements and photos. 

Each term there are lunchtime quizzes, competitions and sports activities at which House teams compete against each other to earn house points. These activities run in conjunction with different departments in the school enabling pupils to demonstrate their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Languages, Humanities, Maths, Science, various Sports, Music, Debating and Literature.

There are House Days where the whole school join together in house activities.

At House sports and activities pupils and staff wear their House colours.

House leadership skills – sessions take place with outside organisations to teach leadership, team management and business leadership skills to House Leaders and House Teams.

Meetings - House Captains meet weekly with Heads of Houses where they take minutes, discuss issues and share and delegate tasks. To assist in managing these responsibilities students are given leadership and teamwork training.

Elections of the Year 7 Captains - take place in the Autumn term.

House Assembly programme - introduces the House Charities, with outside speakers organised by the Heads of Houses / House Captains and using assembly time to discuss, agree and develop fundraising activities for the Houses.