School Bags and Equipment

Parents will appreciate that in view of the very high cost of text books, it is essential that students should be provided with a large, strong bag.  It must be large enough to take a fair number of school books without bending or distortion, at 2 A4 Files - although new Year 7 students are reminded that they do not need to bring all their books every day!  It must have a secure fastening and be as weatherproof as possible, open carrier bags, baskets or handbags are unsuitable.

PE kit should be carried in a separate bag and NOT crammed into the school bag with books, as this practice does considerable damage to the books. Students should also pay close attention to the weather and bring a plastic bag to put muddy/wet shoes inside; extra drinks bottles; sun cream; or hats and gloves.

Each student should be equipped with the following equipment:


·         Black or dark blue bag which will fit 2 A4 folders in

·         Pencil case

·         Reading book

·         2 black or 2 blue pens

·         1 red AND 1 green pen

·         2 Pencils (HB)

·         Pencil rubber

·         Pencil sharpener pot

·         Coloured pencils

·         Ruler 30cm

·         Calculator (scientific)

·         Compass

·         Protractor

·         Maths squares (the see-through plasic triangles)

·         Highlighters

·         Glue stick

·         Pocket dictionary

.         Spelling and Vocabulary book

.         Ear / Headphones (for use in computer rooms)

.         Water bottle


Should any equipment not be brought to school, appropriate sanctions will be set. We believe that students must develop the ability and life skill to properly organise themselves. We are unable to ensure students will receive items brought in by parents but will always try our best.