PE and sport premium

The Beaulieu Park School is committed to providing pupils with opportunities and experiences which enable them to lead healthy and active lifestyles. The Reception, KS1 and KS2 PE curriculum is dedicated to developing fundamental movement skills in all pupils, in order to increase confidence in a range of physical activities. During PE lessons, pupils develop their agility, balance and coordination through gymnastics, dance, games and athletics.

Within Reception, pupils acquire the knowledge and physical awareness to be able to run, jump, throw and catch as well as copy simple movement patterns through Dance; at KS1, pupils develop their core strength, flexibility and balance by imitating and creating gymnastics and dance sequences. They also deepen their coordination and agility skills through a variety of games activities based upon object manipulation using the hands and feet. Throughout lower KS2, pupils begin to experience a wider range of activities, including, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities (OAA). OAA involves the pupils using their teamwork and collaboration skills to solve practical problems within the school premises. In year 3 and upwards, pupils begin to create their own paired and grouped gymnastics displays and dance routines developing their communication and leadership skills.

PE at BPS aims to create an enjoyable environment which encourages pupils to perform in both healthy competition and cooperative tasks by generating challenging opportunities for all. At Reception, pupils’ physical development is measured against the EYFS Moving and Handling criteria and within KS1 and 2, assessment moves in line with the National Curriculum strategy. Through the activities detailed above, pupils are encouraged to consciously develop sporting values such as fairness and respect, alongside continually building upon their ARRK characteristics within lessons. 

Each year, BPS hosts a primary sports day where all pupils participate in a range of sporting activities. This provides pupils with an opportunity to compete with their peers and set school records, as well as allowing the parents to feel part of the school community. Our fantastic secondary Sports Leaders support in the planning and organisation of this event. 

PE at BPS Primary largely takes place within the school hall and on the MUGA, but also in the secondary sports hall for a more enriching experience.

We have a wealth of equipment, from gymnastic vaults and wall apparatus to differentiated skills equipment which enables all pupils to progress within lessons and master new skills.

Our pupils begin swimming lessons in year 3 and continue to do this for one whole term every year until the end of their primary schooling at BPS. This takes place at The Boswells School and is conducted by qualified swimming instructors. Pupils develop strength in the legs, arms, core and back; use floatation aids to help with specific techniques and have been perfecting their strokes whilst swimming lengths. Pupils build their confidence through games at the end of each session and learn key water safety skills in addition to meeting the NC requirements.

For 2020-21 the school received a PE grant of £16,610

The grant funds the resources and equipment needed for PE lessons and CPD sessions for teachers of PE based on staff requested areas of development. The secondary PE specialist who is in charge of primary PE delivers CPD training to the primary teachers twice a year. This focuses largely upon safety within lessons and the aims of our PE curriculum, but also includes practical ideas for progression within lessons. Other focusses have included ideas on how to assess through a variety of activities whilst simultaneously developing fundamental movement skills.

Sports Co-curricular sessions are led weekly and are led by a range of teachers. Sessions run for a term and the pupils learn physical skills needed for the sports, in addition to developing their personal skills such as integrity, fair play and sportsmanship.


We are held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils.

Below is a breakdown on how this year’s funds were spent. In reality, we invested significantly more in sports provision for our children.

It is difficult to measure the imact of our spending with only Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students and particularly considering the absence of national testing this year. However 100% of our children have partcipated in our PE lessons. They have also gained immensely at break times as our playground is now much more interactive. Our dedicated Lunch and Play Facilitators now have many more options too to 'facilitate' physical play.

The sports coaching for our staff has enabled them to deliver sports more confidently and capably and the use of our secondary specialists in delivering primary sport has been invaluable.  

59 out of 60 (98.33%) of our children achieved ELG in Physical Development in 2021. (This is an estimation).






Membership to Chelmsford Sports Partnership


Contribution to Tryfan climber


Playground Markings £4,934

Lunch and Play Facilitators


Miscellaneous equipment and resources £2,262

Gym time Complete Apparatus pack and training for staff


Dance class supervision to support our students with low self-confidence.


After School dance Provision (Brogan's School of Dance) £1,500
Salary for secondary specialist delivery £5,000


£24,038.99 (+£7,428.99)


Our expenditure means that we have infrastructure in place to facilitate sports and physical activity into the future and to a much greater degree and so this investment ensures a sustainable physically active future for our children.



Our large investment in infrastructure means that in the future, this will only need to be maintained and addeed to, leaving more fiunds for key priorites such as:

  • Providing transport to and from swimming lessons for swimming lessons
  • Provide financial support for lower income families to enable all students to access swimming lessons
  • Provide financial support for lower income families to enable Year 5 & 6 pupils to attend outdoor education through a residential experience
  • Providing specialist secondary PE teaching and leadership across the primary phase