PE and sport premium

Each year, The Beaulieu Park School receives money from the government to pay for all of the resources we need to run the school and educate the children. One aspect of this funding is our Sports grant (Primary only). For 2019/20, we received £16,600 (2019/20).

We are held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils.

Below is a breakdown on how this year’s funds were spent. In reality, we invested significantly more in sports provision for our children.

It is difficult to measure the imact of our spending with only Reception and Year 1 students. However 100% of our children have partcipated in our PE lessons. They have also gained immensely at break times as our playground is now much more interactive. Our dedicated Lunch and Play Facilitators now have many more options too to 'facilitate' physical play.

The sports coaching for our staff has enabled them to deliver sports more confidently and capably.  

59 out of 60 (98.33%) of our children achieved ELG in Physical Development (2019)

Sports premium expenditure


Chelmsford Sports


Playground markings


Tryfan climber (playground)

£6295.00 (£5000 to be contributed from 2020/21 Premium)

Staff training from sports coach (5 sessions)


Contribution to Grizedale forest circuit (playground)


Total expenditure




Monies to date: £9,689




Membership to Chelmsford Sports Partnership


Contribution to Tryfan climber


Installation of drainage system for play area to be used


Gym time Complete Apparatus pack and training for staff


Dance class supervision to support our students with low self-confidence.





Monies Expected May 2021

£6,916 approx to be allocated.

Impact to be measured at end of academic year.