PE and sport premium

The Beaulieu Park School is committed to providing all students with opportunities and experiences which enable them to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Our primary PE curriculum, along with our break and lunchtime provision and co-curricular offer has been designed to keep children active and engaged.

Our PE curriculum develops fundamental movement skills in all of our students, from Reception to the end of Key Stage 2. We have high expectations for all students, and we provide support for all children to be able to be successful in a wide range of sports and disciplines. 

In Reception, students develop the fundamental skills through ball games, dance, gymnastics, team games and athletics. This is then built on as our students move through the school where children will develop their skills across a range of disciplines including; invasion games, gymnastics, striking and fielding, fitness, dance and target games. As well as our own high-quality resources in the primary phase, we utilise the secondary facilities and specialist secondary staff to ensure that our students receive the very best PE opportunities. The children have many opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills during our break and lunchtime provision, along with our co-curricular offer. This is reflected in our outstanding PE assessment results where 93% of children in Reception met Age-related expectations (ARE) for Physical Development. Below, are the school's PE assessment results from 2021/2022;

Year 1 


Year 2 


Year 3 


PE at The Beaulieu Park School aims to enable pupils to be active and cooperative in lessons, as well as developing the skills to be able to perform in healthy competitions, both in school and with other schools. 

In Reception, the children's physical development is measured against the EYFS Early Learning Goals at the end of the year. Children who do not meet the expected standard in physical development will take part in a range of additional interventions to enable them to make accelerated progress. 

Within KS1 and 2, assessment moves in line with the National Curriculum strategy. Just like in Reception, children's progress and development is tracked and children who have not met age-related expectations are given additional support and opportunities to develop their skills. Examples of this are; Change 4 Life club, additional co-curricular opportunities, Gym Trail and other personalised interventions. 

Within our PE curriculum, throughout playtimes and during co-curricular clubs, pupils are encouraged to consciously develop sporting values such as fairness and respect, alongside continually building upon their ARRK characteristics.   

Our pupils will begin swimming lessons in either Year 4 or Year 5 and will continue to do this for one whole term every year until they are confident swimmers. Pupils develop strength in the legs, arms, core and back; use floatation aids to help with specific techniques and have been perfecting their strokes whilst swimming lengths. Pupils build their confidence through games at the end of each session and learn key water safety skills in addition to meeting the NC requirements.

For 2021-22 the school received a PE grant of £16,600

This grant funds the resources and equipment needed for PE lessons and CPD sessions for teachers and support staff. Our secondary PE specialist delivers CPD training to the primary teachers twice a year. This focuses largely upon safety within lessons and the aims of our PE curriculum, but also includes practical ideas for lessons. 

Sports Co-curricular sessions run every week and are led by a range of teachers. Sessions run for a term and the pupils learn physical skills needed for the sports, in addition to developing their personal skills such as integrity, fair play and sportsmanship. In the Autumn term this year, our co-curricular offer includes the following;

  • Tag Rugby 
  • Tennis
  • Multi-sports 
  • Football
  • Girls Football
  • Netball
  • Playground Games and party games 

This changes each term. 

We are held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils. In the year 2021/2022 there was a focus for us to improve the quality of the provision for break and lunchtimes. 

As well as there being a significant impact on the quality of PE provision across the school, this funding has also enabled our students to gain immensely at break times and lunchtimes as our playground is extremely interactive. Our dedicated Lunch and Play Facilitators have many numerous options to 'facilitate' physical play in our newly created 'Zones'. These include;

  • The wheels Zone
  • Theatre Zone
  • Mud Kitchen Zone
  • Construction Zone
  • The Frame Zone 
  • The Games Zone
  • Community Corner 




Membership to the Chelmsford Sports Partnership


Speed Stackers


Playground Zone se-up and signage 


Outdoor theatre


Funky Friday Speaker


PE/ Co-curricular equipment


Transportation to sporting events


Acro Club (External provider)


Co-curricular sports club


Salary for secondary specialist delivery








It is important to note that we have spent more monies to enrich primary sport beyond the Sports Premium, most notably perhaps on lunch and play facilitators (x4) and their associated training.


Our expenditure means that we have infrastructure in place to facilitate sports and physical activity into the future and to a much greater degree and so this investment ensures a sustainable physically active future for our children.


Our large investment in infrastructure means that in the future, this will only need to be maintained and addeed to, leaving more fiunds for key priorites such as:

  • Providing transport to and from swimming lessons for swimming lessons
  • Provide financial support for lower income families to enable all students to access swimming lessons
  • Provide financial support for lower income families to enable Year 5 & 6 pupils to attend outdoor education through a residential experience
  • Providing specialist secondary PE teaching and leadership across the primary phase