The school will be looking to recruit parents and members of our community to the Local Governing Body in the new year (2018).

School governors are volunteers who work with the school’s leadership team help to the school become the very best it can be. The Local Governing Body at The Beaulieu Park School will support our leadership team in all aspects of school life, but also ask questions and work with the Chelmsford Learning Partnership to make sure the school is performing to the highest standards possible in the following areas:

  • Ethos, vision and a real sense of community
  • Standards of behaviour
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Outcomes for students
  • Recruitment of staff at the school

Who can be a member of our local governing body?

Anyone over 18 can be a member of our local governing body – you don’t have to be a parent with a child at the school however, our local governing body will include parents and it can be a rewarding way to be involved in your child’s school.

The most important qualities for being a governor are enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education. You don’t need teaching experience, but it’s useful to bring skills from other areas of your life.

What does the role involve?

You’ll need to attend a governors’ meeting each half term and these will cover different areas like the curriculum, finance or buildings. You’ll need to be able to work well in a team, as you’ll be making joint decisions on matters that impact on The Beaulieu Park School.

How do I become a member of the Beaulieu Park School Local Governing body?

We will be recruiting for positions to the Local Governing body in the new year and will publicise this nearer the time. We will also be asking parents, once they have been allocated a place at the school, to express an interest in joining in May 2018.

Before you put yourself forward, talk to your employer. Many employers recognise the role of school governor as useful work experience and may offer paid leave for governor duties.

During this interim period where a Local Governing Body is being established, school governance will be fulfilled by the Board of Members & Trustees of the Chelmsford Learning Partnership. Please click on 'About Us, Chelmsford Learning Partnership' for more information.