Our Governors

Ray Consterdine

Ray Consterdine - Chair of Governors. Appointed by LGB. Declaration of Business Interests: None 03.03.20-03.03.2024

Ray is chair of the governing body at Beaulieu Park School. He has significant experience in leadership and management of schools, having recently retired from Deputy Headship in a London school. Ray was previously a governor of a secondary school in the London Borough of Havering. In addition to his role of Chair, he takes responsibility for monitoring Teaching and Learning.

To contact the Chair of Governors, please email Kelly Baggott - or contact her on 01245 943500. You can also contact him by writing to:

R Consterdine c/o K Baggott

The Beaulieu Park School

Armistice Avenue



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Sarah Cole - Vice Chair, Parent Governor. Elected by Parents. Declaration of Business Interests: None 20.10.20-20.10.2024

Sarah is a parent of a student in the secondary school, she is a social worker and senior leader in children’s social care. Sarah has lead responsibility for PPG, SEND and vulnerable students. Register of business interest: None

Graham Linge

Graham Linge - Community Governor with oversight of Safeguarding and Health and Safety. Appointed by LGB. Declaration of Business Interests: None 03.03.20-03.03.2024

Graham has had a long and successful career in education, as a senior leader in a London school. 

Beteja Dovao

Beteja Dovao - Parent Governor with oversight of wellbeing. Elected by Parents. Declaration of Business Interests: None. 22.03.2022-22.03.2026


Sandy Kirby - Community Governor with oversight for student and staff well-being. Appointed by LGB. Declaration of Business Interests: None 20.10.20-20.10.2024

Sandy has worked within the education profession for the past forty one years. Her experiences include, thirty seven years working in the classroom, together with various roles of responsibility both within Pastoral and Curriculum. Culminating with a post within a school Senior Leadership Team responsible for staff wellbeing, training and pastoral support. Concurrent with these roles Sandy co-founded and managed the Havering Teacher Training Partnership an ITT provision which has successfully trained over five hundred teachers during its twenty one years.

Other skills and interests which are relevant and supportive to to this role include, qualifications in Counselling, NLP practitioner, Image-work practitioner. Sandy has an MA in Education, has been published in two academic journals on a number of occasions and has co-edited a book with an educational focus. 


Ipsita Mishra - Community Governor. Appointed by LGB. Declaration of Business Interests: None 12.10.2021-12.10.2025

Ipsita is a Software Engineer with 18 years of IT experience across various domains bringing a range of skills and experience to support the school. In jprofessional life, she works in an agile environment where she has to be quite flexible to embrace changes, be tech savvy and have clear and measurable goals. As a parent of a child at another Chelmsford school, she believes that Education is important and is something she prioritises. Ipsita believes that education is an investment in knowledge and that it pays the best interest. She wants to use her experience, time and energy for school development. Living in the same community as the school gives her greater opportunities to build relationships with parents, as well as the children. 

Lisa Arthey

Lisa Arthey - Community Governor, elected by LGB. Oversight of SEND. Declaration of Business Interests: None. 22.03.2022-22.03.2026

Elena Vidal

Elena Vidal - Community Governor, elected by LGB. Trust link Governor. Declaration of Business Interests: None. 18.05.2022-18.05.2026


Maisie Tickner - Staff Governor. Elected by Staff. Declaration of Business Interests: None 03.03.20-03.03.2024

Maisie is a teacher at Beaulieu Park School and the Head of Maths. 

Matthew Ferguson

Matthew Ferguson - Staff Governor. Elected by Staff. Declaration of Business Interests: None 12.10.21-12.10.2025

Matthew is a Year 3 teacher at Beaulieu Park School.


James Donaldson

James Donaldson - Principal. Ex-officio. Declaration of Business Interests: None

James is the Principal of Beaulieu Park School. James has worked in six different schools across Redbridge, Havering, Waltham Forest and Essex. During his career, James has undertaken a broad range of roles. These include (but are not limited to), Head of Year, Head of House, Head of Department, Head of Faculty, Lead Practitioner and as a senior leader in three schools, two of which were 'Outstanding'. 


No Voting rights

In attendance:

Kelly Koller - Head of Primary School

Sarah Slater - Head of Secondary School

Matt Kimber - Premises Manager

Jane Ward - Senior Finance Lead (CLP Trust)

Michelle Day - Assistant Principal

Claire Grime - Assistant Principal (from Jan 23)

Sally Appleton-White - SENCO

Sarah Field - Deputy Head of Primary School



Kelly Baggott


Pecuniary and Personal Interest declarations retained at school.


Attendance at LGB Meetings for academic year 2022-2023

11th October 2022



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