Could you work with us?

Our school is unique. Teachers and support staff that work for us are made of ‘the right stuff’. They are people with moral purpose. They believe that education is the key to a brighter future. They are the idealists of our profession, prepared to go the extra mile so that every child, regardless of background or ability can fulfil their individual potential. Teachers and support staff at The Beaulieu Park School believe that a university education is a choice that all children should be in a position to make when they complete their studies at school.

In the Primary School we have extremely high standards. We encourage excellent learning behaviours and work hard to develop the 'whole child' within a nurturing environment. We expect our students to learn to 'think hard', be resilient  and develop the knowledge and skills to access and succeed in their educational journey whatever their ability and whatever their background. 

In the Secondary School, we believe that it is good to be strict. We do not make exceptions. When we say we have high standards, we mean it. We expect our parents to support their children by supporting our rules. This creates a very orderly school where children are safe and most importantly happy and content. The ‘Broken Window Theory’ is very much at the heart of our approach to student behaviour. Our high standards reduce stressful confrontations. This helps staff nurture a healthy, sustainable balance between their school and home lives. 

To join Beaulieu is to become part of a family. Families rally round when times are tough. Families help each other out and are honest with each other. Every day, we work hard to develop our relationships with each other, developing those crucial soft skills of manners, consideration and conversation. Our relationships are strong. Discipline may be at the heart of what we do, but that is because we care deeply for our students. We expect the best from them and we wholeheartedly celebrate their successes and recognise their efforts and as often as possible. We help our students to become the best version of themselves and always praise their personal best.

We are always thinking hard about how we can become the best we can be for our colleagues, parents and students.